Fluffy Friends Happy Pack
Fluffy Friends Happy Pack

Fluffy Friends Happy Pack

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What is sweet and cute at the same time and also helps you be creative and organized? The Fluffy Friends Happy Pack! With the magical Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen, and Cotton candy scented Fluffy Friends Stickers, you’ll have loads of fun writing and decorating while staying organized with the Candy Shoppe Sticky Tabs!

Happy Pack Includes:

  • 8 jumbo die-cut stickers and 2 sticker sheets (5.5” x 8.5”)
  • Scratch Cat Café Stickers to smell chocolate scent
  • Give the Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen a shake and watch the glitter sparkle around in the barrel
  • Ballpoint nib with black ink for smooth writing
  • Color Cats Note Pals Sticky Tabs and sticky notes with cute kittens
  • Work great for little reminders and bookmarks