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Pastel Hues Colored Pencils

Pastel Hues Colored Pencils

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Indulge in the gentle artistry of the Pastel Hues Colored Pencils, designed to infuse your creations with soft, dreamy tones. With 12 subtly muted shades reminiscent of a tranquil Springtime palette, these pencils offer a delicate touch to your artwork. Elevate your projects with smooth, refined colors that stand out in a subtle, yet captivating manner.

Whether you're crafting artwork, planning, or simply doodling, the pastel hues lend a soothing aura to your endeavors. Let your imagination soar as you harness the gentle power of these 12 softly colored pencils to bring your visions to life. With Pastel Hues Colored Pencils, every stroke becomes a pleasure to behold, transforming coloring, art creation, and planner filling into delightful experiences.


  • 12 pastel colored pencils
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
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