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Indoorsy Sticker Stash

Indoorsy Sticker Stash

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Introducing the ultimate sticker extravaganza: the Sticker Stash pack! Bursting with over 200 styles of sheer cuteness, this collection includes vinyl stickers, charming puffy stickers, and delightful paper stickers, all neatly organized in a convenient sticker keeper.

The Indoorsy Sticker Stash set boasts an array of cozy designs, featuring coffee cups, delectable donuts, adorable cats, and more home-inspired delights. Perfect for planners, journals, and creative decorating, each set includes 6 sheets of paper stickers, 1 sheet of vibrant vinyl stickers, and 1 sheet of large puffy stickers, all housed in a reusable folder for safekeeping.

With a plethora of over 200 cheerful stickers depicting playful kittens, mouthwatering donuts, thriving plants, and colorful office supplies, you'll have endless opportunities to adorn your planner and beyond! Whether you're embellishing the family calendar or adding a touch of fun to notes and letters for friends, the Sticker Stash pack is sure to bring joy to all ages, 3 and up.

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